Laara finished off a great summer of work and play with an episode of the smart new CBC series Cracked, playing the role of ‘Ria Kush’, directed by Brett Sullivan. Slated to premiere in early 2013, this series is going to be very, very good.  Watch for it…

In October, Laara will head to Vancouver to play ‘Vivian Ezra’ in Touchstone Theatre’s production of Anton Piadigorsky’s Eternal Hydra.  This incredible play explores literature, sex, authorship and the question of genius.  Running from November 1st – 11th 2012 @ Studio 16.

Also starring: John Murphy, Cherissa Richards, Andrew Wheeler

Director: Katrina Dunn

Design Team: Owen Belton, Adrian Muir, David Roberts, Farnaz Khaki-Sadigh