David Peterson, an old Caravan Farm Theatre stalwart, passed away last week after a battle with cancer. I first met David dog’s years ago when he directed The Bremen Town Band. It was my first Caravan winter show. Cold as fuck. But I loved it. In our Sorrels and thrift store fur coats, we sang and danced and tore ahead of the horse drawn sleighs that transported the audience from one spot to another. The details are fuzzy, but I recall a tiny stage in the middle of a field in the back 40, with red velvet curtains, that made the audience gasp with delight. Caravan magic. I remember David’s hilarious note sessions, peppered with the foulest obscenities. And his nightly ritual of splitting logs in the woodshed after dinner. No one’s stove went hungry that winter.

At his wake at the Performing Arts Lodge this weekend, I couldn’t get that classic Stones song, Not Fade Away, out of my head. I guess it was the surfeit of big ole love and laughter in the room - truly a celebration of a man who lived his life full tilt boogie. We drank and ate. Shared stories and memories and anecdotes. His kids spoke heartfelt words about their Dad. His lady love Nicola read bits from her journal and told us of his last days - the 2 of them cuddling and snogging in his hospital bed. An evening with lots of smiles; lots of tears. And in true Caravan fashion - lots of music. I stood side by side with people who have been in and out of my life since I first stepped on that property in Armstrong at the age of 23. Gill and Linds, Nadja and Wyatt (who taught me to play penny ante poker in the cookshack), Nick, Molly and March, Pete and Mel, Catherine, Marietta and Peter, Stevie and Susie, Steven Hill, and all the kids I’ve watched grow up into awesome people with families of their own - the list goes on. And I was struck by the fact that distance and time haven’t made my relationships with these folks fade at all. We don’t see or speak to each other as often as we’d like. But when we do, no matter how much time has passed - hands reach out, arms wrap, eyeball to eyeball. Good, true blue friendship that doesn’t fade away. And David - you will not fade away. But you were there that night, so you know that…


  • Toons: Starbeam , Molly of Denali (PBS Kids)

  • Arrow - shout out to Juliana Harkavy, who kicks ass as the Black Canary, but also happens to be a real peach. Funny and warm. A pleasure to work with you, woman.

  • The Murders (City TV/Muse) wraps up shooting season 1 soon. Watch for the premiere sometime next spring.


  • Noam Gagnon’s Pilates Collective. Pilates with Noam continues to keep my body/mind/soul strong and open. Tons of gratitude for that. This jewel box of a studio offers privates, small group classes and open studio. Go there.

  • Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre. Continuing to provide all kinds of services and support for women and children living in the DTES community. My daughter hails from the DTES - so this org means a lot in our house. Donate.