Last night, the company of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time presented the first ‘relaxed performance’ at The Stanley Theatre. This modified performance was an inclusive experience for patrons of all ages, sensitivities and abilities. An amazing night. What a privilege it was, to share this piece of theatre with this audience. Reminded us all that nurturing community through art is for everyone. And that embracing difference is what keeps us expansive and curious and joyous. One week left. If you haven’t yet, come and see the show. It’s a real beauty.


Arrow; season 1 of The Murders - a smart new local crime drama; voicing the audiobook of Anita Rau Badami’s The Hero’s Walk.


The Collected Poems of Amy Clampitt , got me like… This American poet published her first volume, The Kingfisher, in 1983 at the age of 63 (yeah - for reals). Her poetry is simply gorgeous. Please support the publishing industry and pick up a copy.

Vancouver based figurative realist painter Jay Senetchko. His paintings are like the love child of Andrew Wyeth and some Dutch master. Check.This.The.Fuck.Out.

Bhad Bhabie. Guilty, guilty pleasure…

And to the little forager bee, who, disoriented by last weeks warm weather tease, careened her way across the street from Cedar Cottage Community Garden apiary and into my living room: I hope I carried you back gently enough. I hope you found your way back to the hive, to huddle with your dowager Queen and the rest of the ladies for the winter. Thank you for your summer riches. Rest up girl - you’ll need all your energy for springtime.